Hailing from Portmore in St. Catherine Jay Bankz (given name Jason Daniels) was born to parents Yvonne and Fitzroy. Jay Bankz called “Bankz” by friends, was raised by his grandmother in St.Catherine, Jamaica. He claims his passion for music was innate. Growing up in Spanish Town, Jamaica where the streets are fierce, Mr. Bankz had to learn to hold his own and push forwards to gain a toe hold in the industry. Because although in the music you have to be tough it is well worth the fight if you are impassioned about it. Hailing from the the streets ,the young artiste was inspired by his uncle with whom he grew up watching perform. It heavily influenced not only his love for music, but the desire for it to be a part of his life and passion as well.

Life for the young artiste at the time was no roses, he had to press hard to survive….”I am a fighter,” said Mr. Bankz. “There is no Santa waiting to give gifts to the artiste . The best tool that I had was my brain and I worked it. “ He figured he was going make it by hitting the books and this focus lead him to attending the number one high school in Spanish Town , which led into working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Technology (UTECH) in Kingston, Jamaica. “I love Chemistry” admits Jay Banks, “ but my passion is music, so I created my own mixing lab and fused all the elements of good music together. This is my chemistry; my music…” Being inspired by international artistes such as: Tupac Shakkur, Biggie Smalls, Big Pun, 50cents, Nas, Jay-Z, Sean Paul and Shaggy , Jay Bankz focused on using what he learned from these hip-hop/rap artists and developed his own unique sound. However the year 2011 was crucial for the artiste, that is when he decided to infuse and weave the dancehall culture into this music and recording resulting in a vibe that is truly one of a kind..

“I was inspired to perform within the dancehall/reggae genre not only based on the the fact that it’s a large part of my culture but I also felt a deep connection with the sound and artists with whom I admire like Garnett Silk. I felt a strong pull in this direction. “ It was while he was living in the Bronx, NY that Jay Bankz wrote his first melodious single “Come Ova” on the Chill Spot Riddim. It was inspired not only by rhythmic sound of the Riddim it’s self but also flowed out of personal experiences as well. A few weeks after recording the single “Come Ova” it was played on a local Radio station in Bronx on live radio by a colleague named DJ Renzo (otherwise known as King Boogie) “I grew up hearing that the grass is greener on the other side. I never quite believed it because I noticed the grass was greener where I watered it. “ (Jay Bankz)

Jay Bankz then ventured into not only writing but also producing his own music. In July of 2014 he launched his own home studio, where he began to do all his recordings. He went on writing other songs like “How Fi Party” which was inspired by the artiste lifestyle not only here in New York but a lifestyle which he had known back in Jamaica. Party from “Sunday to Sunday” is well known not only Jamaican but spread to other Caribbean countries as well… More songs were then recorded such as “Workin Haard”, “My Mama” and “Anotha Story” all of which were inspired by his lifestyle, accomplishments and experience in the streets where he grew up. When Mr. Bankz takes these singles to a live audience the reception is overwhelmingly positive. Having the vision of being a “Star” one day Jay Bankz began building his branding for his studio and calling it “SAS” which stands for “Stars Among Stars”.

“I released my first official song out of SAS Studio titled “Inna Di Video” which was produced by Anthony Records and release on iTunes and other Digital platform for download in October of 2014.” (Jay Bankz) November of 2014  Jay Bankz pre-released one of the singles from forthcoming EP titled “Follow Mi” which was produced by Cyanide Records. The catchy chorus has drawn the attention of a wide variety of listeners.

“When I listen the riddim the instruments spoke to me and I wrote this song behind the mic without pen and paper. the vibes was just right so I did it right there on the spot. This song has posed interest not only because of its savvy lyrics but due to the fact I have made special recognition to veterans iconic artiste in music.” (Jay Bankz) Still working hard, Jay Bankz recently release a new single titled “One Love” which is on a one drop reggae riddim. “ I received the riddim from a good colleague in Kenya Africa. Far East Empires 237 Rankie Sadatt teamed up with Abstract Records of Malawi to compose the riddim. “One Love” was inspired by what I have seeing happening around me “friend a bad mind friend” and lot more things that is happening around the world nations at war against each other. “ 

This song speaks out to the people capturing their attention, urging them to wake up and work together as one and fight for what is right and stop fight against each other. This song was set to released on the artiste label “Star Status Recordz” which was established in early 2015. What makes Jay Bankz different from all the other artistes which are emerging is his unique sound, work ethics, discipline, drive and determination for success . which is propelled by me being self driven is what makes me an artiste of great significant. He is filled with confidence and believes strongly in building a dynamic fan based, thus Jay Bankz invites all music lovers to give a listening to his works, he is positive you won’t regret it.